The State of Citrus


Special Report: The State of Citrus

Chapters 1-7

Industry titan Joe L. Davis, Sr. 12/7/08 Video Audio/Slides Audio Photos

The heart of the Ridge 12/8/08

Model for survival 12/9/08   

From nursery to ... not 12/10/08

The guardian of the grove  12/11/08   

Rivals with a common foe 12/12/08

A juicing machine 12/13/08

Chapters 8-14

Arcadia is the pickers' city  12/14/08   

A grove-driven economy 12/15/08

The fading small grove 12/16/08

Lost groves, then lost boom 12/17/08

At the top, a view of history 12/18/08

A freeze, then frozen in time 12/19/08

A stadium's legacy 12/20/08

Chapters 15-21

An orange love story 12/21/08

Citrus kitsch thrives 12/22/08

Pick it while you still can 12/23/08

Many roads, one namesake 12/24/08

Journey from fruit to juice 12/25/08

From groves to Congress 12/26/08

Strength in unity 12/27/08

Chapters 22-26

From East to East 12/28/08

Confluence of uncertainty 12/29/08

Call of the groves 12/30/08

A shrinking role for hands 12/31/08

Coming back to citrus 1/01/09


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